Does this sound like you?

  • You want online clients coming to YOU, but you lack a clear, structured plan to help you get there.

  • You get crickets whenever you post about your services on social media, even though a lot of people tell you you’re inspirational.

  • You LOVE coaching, but you can’t seem to attract people who are ready to pay for the value you provide. 

What’s a coach to do?! 


  • Increase your circle of potential clients

  • Rock your sales, so that you book & close more discovery calls without self-doubt

  • Promote your business online & market yourself organically

  • Provide game-changing mindset tools to shift you into your CEO self

  • Implement content do’s and don'ts to boost engagement & successfully find your ideal clients

  • Save time through systems for content creation, outsourcing, podcast pitching, & more

  • You’d love more clients…

  • You’d love to make a bigger impact…

  • Multiple reliable and consistent revenue streams...

  • AND the more income you make in your business…

  • The better choices you can make...

  • From marketing and sales choices to investing and saving for your future…



How can I be sure this membership will work for me? I’ve done other programs that haven’t gotten results. 

Should I wait until I’m making more money before investing in a coach and support?

What if my partner/spouse says no?

Can I add private coaching sessions as needed to my membership?

How much time will this program take per week?

How many people are on the group calls?

Are the live calls recorded?

Yes, all the live coaching calls are recorded & you will have access to them. 


Hi, I’m Hailey!

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